What’s Hot and What’s Not on PriceMe right now?

Each year in the lead-up to Christmas, we track what products are searched for the most, and what are trending up or down.

Continuing in its top spot again this year, the Apple iPhone was the most requested product in 2011. iPhone-related searches have increased by 36% compared to last year. Searches for the new iPhone 4S have rapidly increased since it was released in recently. However, the Samsung Galaxy S phone competes with rival iPhone 4 and 4S in the number of searches, and have surged almost 600% since last year.

The fastest growing search keyword on PriceMe is “iPad”. Searches related to iPads (including iPad 2) have increased 1,800% since last year, with interest in tablets in general increasing by some 260% ! Other members of the tablet family such as ebook readers, are also trending upwards. Searches for Kindle have grown by 240% and ebook readers in general by 40%.

“There’s always a few surprises when we measure what our users are looking at” says Chris Palmer, Marketing Director at PriceMe. “This year the number of searches for fridges has increased by 45% year on year, with bar fridges being a particularly hot item during RWC” “Whiteware is often seen as a “barometer” product that consumers purchase when they’re feeling confident about the economy” says Palmer. Similarly, searches for microwave ovens were up 101%  and lawnmowers jumping from almost zero last year to being in the top 30 products searched this year!

One of the hottest search terms overall was for the mega-hit video game Modern Warfare 3. Overall interest in PS3 video games has remained constant over the year, while searches for PSP games have increased by 92%. Other hot game searches are Skyrim (from Elder Scrolls) and traditional Lego.

What’s Hot

Apple iPad  +  1,800

Samsung Galaxy S  +  600%

Amazon Kindle  +  240%

Microwave ovens (general)  +  101%

PSP video games  +  92%

Fridges (general)  +  45%

eBook readers (general)  +  40%

Apple iPhone  +  36%

What’s Cold

Freeview (TV) products  –  53%

Apple iPods –  31%

Expresso machines (general)  –  29%

Trampolines  –  26%

Kinect  games –  25%


Search activity was compared on PriceMe for the period 1st -16th November 2011 and 2010, using Google Analytics as a measuring tool. Differences between search volume over the two periods has been accounted for in the analysis. A total of 40,813 searches were analysed.

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