Most Popular Products in 2009

The beginning of the year it’s a good time to look back and summarise the  year that just passed – 2009. Online shopping continued to grow in Australia, and shoppers bough a wide range of products in large quantities.  But which five products and brands were the hottest and most search for in 2009? Let’s have a quick look in this blog post.

iPod Touch 32GB

Apple was one of the top performers in 2009. The iPod Touch series was the most sought after MP3 Players. Shoppers bought various iPod Touch MP3 players such as 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

TomTom GPS

Tom Tom scored high with shoppers in 2009, beating out peers like Navman and Laser.

Sony LCD TVs

2008 was a mega year for LCD TVs, and 2009 turned out just the same.  The Sony Bravia remaining the top performing product line. Medium sized TVs, especially the 32 inch and 40 inch ones, sold the best. LED TVs emerged as one of the hottest trends last year. Samsung basically created this trend, and has taken an early lead.

Nikon D90

2009 might have been a great year for Sony, but the king of the cameras was a Nikon SLR camera: the D90!

Which products do you think will make the top 5 list in 2010?

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